About Us

Bonnie Wilpon provides training
and consulting
to people who
manage HUD's Multifamily

project-based subsidy programs.  

Her specialties include all items
related to eligibility and occupancy
(HUD Handbook 4350.3) and
HUD's electronic systems including
TRACS, HUD's Secure Systems
and EIV.

Bonnie was a founding partner of     
PAWA House (based in Tampa, FL) in 1993.  Along with
developing training and consulting services, she operated
the PAWA House Service Bureau from 1994 to 2007,
processing and transmitting data and troubleshooting issues
with sites, management agents, HUD and CAs.  

She regularly attends TRACS Industry Meetings in
Washington DC and serves on industry working groups,
including the one for TRACS 203.A development.   

In March of 2007 the PAWA House Service Bureau was
purchased by PMCS in Syracuse, NY.  In addition to her work
at PAWA House, Bonnie served as PMCS' Associate Director
through June 30, 2014.

ince then she's been back at PAWA House full time.
She’s been spotted
visiting property locations
for on-site training and
consulting as she travels
around the country
in her RV.
Bonnie is COS and STAR
certified.  She trains
throughout the U.S. for
AHMAs, Leading Age,
management companies
and CAs, properties,
software vendors,
and HUD offices.
On a personal note Bonnie
has an M.S. in Management,
is a member of Mensa
and served as a Small
Business Advisor for the
U.S. Peace Corps in Kenya.

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