Have a question about a compliance issue?  Need help reconciling
an EIV Discrepancy Report?  Our clients have access to help via
email and/or phone whenever they have questions or need help.  
No contracts or commitments are required.  

You'll be invoiced monthly for time used, at $120 per hour billed in
15-minute increments.  Used less than 15 minutes in a month?  The
time will carry over, and you’ll be billed when you’ve used a total of
15 minutes or more.


Knowledgeable, confident managers complete their work with
higher quality, in less time, with less stress - and they make fewer
costly mistakes. Join the PAWA House family and increase your skills.

Our 90-minute audio classes are priced at $99.  Or choose
customized one-on-one training for $120/hour.  In-person group
seminars are priced from $3500-4500 plus expenses.  For small
groups we'll negotiate a price that will be comparable to - or less
than - sending your staff to other training seminars.  We offer
discounts to non-profit industry organizations.


Feel confident that you’re using up-to-date, compliant materials.  
We provide compliant templates in .docx format for Tenant Selection
Plans, EIV Policies and Procedures, House Rules, Applications, Pet
Rules/Registration and more, for $150 - $250 each.

Color-coded instructions will help you customize them to meet your
specific needs - or use our consulting service for assistance.


"The way you work is so
pleasurable and your
knowledge is so great.
You're the best!" –
Sr. Pam, FL
"Fast and friendly service
- very pleased!"
- Vada, MS
"I couldn't keep up with
all of HUD's changes
without your service" -
Cindy, VA
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